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Mostra H20 "Interazioni Fluide"

Castello V - Lecce

Illy Vadak

TIlly Vadak was born in Lecce on 20th July 1976. He, artistically, began his career on ninety years, imposing his image of dj. In very little time he become one of the most appreciated artists of his field playing in the most famous clubs in that years. Actually, he has a lot of apparitions and collaborations, among the most important we can find: May Day (Ugento - Italy), Metropolis (Lecce - Italy), Ecu (Rimini - Italy), Mada' (Ostuni - Italy), Fabula (Brindisi - Italy), Opera' (Maglie - Italy), Planet (Lequile - Italy), Hyper maxi disco (Bari - Italy), Settimo Cielo (Taranto - Italy), Angels of Love @Metropolis (Naples - Italy), Extravaganza event (Tour), Prestige (Lecce - Italy), Guendalina (S. Cesarea Terme - Italy), Les Folies De Pigalle (Tour), Silver System / Morath (Costa Merlata - Br - Italy), Ciak (Castrignano dei Greci - Le - Italy), Modonovo (Savelletri - Italy), Tribeka (Francavilla Fontana - Italy), Praya (Gallipoli - Italy), Evolution event (Tour), Mobscene event (Tour), Shabuya' (Ostuni - Italy), Island / Pianeta (Matera - Italy), Priscilla ***** (World Tour), La Metro (Palma de Mallorca - Spain), Es Dau (Montuiri - Mallorca - Spain) and others, praising a very respectful curriculum of night clubbin.

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